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Five & Seven Florals

Pink Cosmo Seeds

Pink Cosmo Seeds

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Hand picked from the garden, these cosmo seeds will grow to the prettiest shades of pink, and purple.  These seeds are low maintenance, which means they are easy to sow and easy to grow, with little attention needed. 

Bundle discount! Any 3 seed packs for $12!  Discount taken at checkout. 

Growing instructions:  Scatter seeds on top of dirt, and pat down.  These seeds require light to grow, so do not fully cover them.  Plant outdoors in early spring for mid to late summer blooms that extend well into the fall. They like to be pruned and discarding spent blooms will encourage more growth. 

Pro tip: scatter seeds onto roughed up soil in late fall for earlier blooms the following summer season.

Any questions? Send me a message and I'm happy to help! 

Note: the pressed cosmos featured in the picture with the seeds are less vibrant than the fresh grown flowers, which are bright & beautiful (as shown on the seed package). 

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