From me to you, here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions! 

How many days after the wedding do I need to drop off my flowers? 
Ideally within 1-3 days.  

How do I keep my flowers looking good when they've been outside all day? 
The day of the wedding, keep them hydrated - put them in water whenever you can. On the days following the wedding, do this:  cut 1/4 inch off the stems each day, keep in fresh water in a clean container, keep out of bright light, and keep them cool! 

What flowers press best? 
Some of our favorites are larkspur, delphinium, spray roses, stock, roses, eucalyptus (silver dollar, parviflora, willow), anemones, ranunculus, hydrangea, ferns, astilbe, limonum, astrantia, lisianthus and cosmo. 

When do I choose my size? 
You can choose your size at any point leading up to the wedding, and during the pressing process. Choosing earlier guarantees I have those materials on hand so when it is time to work on your frame, I can get right to it.  Holding off on your choice may mean a delay in completing your frame.

Will my flowers fade? 
The specialty UV filtering glass that surrounds the flowers in each handcrafted frame will minimize any fading as a result of light exposure.  However, flowers will change with time, as we do and that is all part of the process. 

How long will it take to get my frame? 
All frames are worked on in the order that they arrive, and the total time is approximately 3-4 months. This allows the flowers to dry (~6 weeks), design and framing time as well.

Classic style meets modern charm.

We use a traditional floral pressing technique to ensure your flowers are looked after with the utmost care, and to get the best result. Your flowers will be preserved naturally, for you to enjoy for years to come.

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