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Floral Preservation and Design

It's a PRESSing Matter.

We understand that not only are flowers a large investment, but they hold memories and sentiment. The premium materials, craftsmanship and artistry that goes into each unique floral frame is what sets us apart.  Our style, meticulous attention to detail and love for floral design ensures that each frame is intentional, thoughtful and uniquely YOURS.

Hi, Im Christina.

Floral preservation for me is a natural extension of my love for flowers. It all began with flowers from my own garden that I started to press in order to enjoy all season, and has since evolved to preserving flowers from weddings and creating special keepsakes. My home studio in Elora, Ontario is where I do my floral pressing and design, glass work and framing. Everything is done by hand, by me. I have a PhD (2013) in neuroscience research, so my interest in experimentation, and careful attention to detail is rooted from that background. When I am not in the garden or studio, I am caring for my family including my two daughters and pup.