Floral Preservation Acknowledgement

As a valued client, please read and acknowledge the following regarding our preservation process and associated outcomes: 
  • I acknowledge that a deposit of $50 must be placed to secure studio space. This deposit is non-refundable (unless the wedding is canceled), and may also be transferred to a different date. Please send to christina@fiveandsevenflorals.ca. Any remaining balance (less the deposit) is due on or before pickup of the finished piece(s). 
  • I understand that the process (preservation, design work and framing) can take two to five months from time of drop off to completion, and that all frames are made in sequence.
  • I acknowledge that during the preservation process, flowers may dry to a different color than fresh.
  • I understand that some flowers can be preserved whole, while others need to be deconstructed and subsequently reconstructed.
  • Pressed Florals:
    • I understand that this is a natural preservation process..
    • I understand that some wedding florals may not be suitable for pressing, and will be omitted from the final product as a result, at the discretion of Five & Seven Florals. This is relevant for some flowers that tend to mold due to high moisture content, as well as flowers or greens that are stiff and unable to press thin.
  • Shadow Box Flowers:
    • I understand that the preservation process renders the flowers very dry and delicate. Small particles of silica may fall out out with time, along with small pieces of the dried flowers that are not directly adhered to the backing
  • I acknowledge that flowers can fade with time, temperature changes and exposure to bright light. Five & Seven Florals is not responsible for replacing the finished piece(s) as a result of these natural occurrences.  
  • I understand that displaying my flowers in an area of direct or bright sunlight will accelerate natural color fading, while leaving the integrity of the flowers intact. 
  • I acknowledge that by opting for a metal handcrafted frame (only available to some clients in 2024), I am accepting the risks of its stability over time and that it will not be re-done if damaged. 
  • I understand that if I use the option to bring my own frame, that Five & Seven Florals is not responsible for sourcing the frame (including cost) or for its stability.   
  • Five & Seven florals is not responsible for shipping costs, including those incurred from shipping the bouquet to the studio, as well as for the cost of shipping the finished piece(s).
  • I understand that in the event that flowers arrive damaged beyond use, Five & Seven can ship them back at your cost if requested, with a full refund on the deposit.  
Now that's all said, I am excited to work with you & your flowers! 

Classic style meets modern charm.

We use a traditional floral pressing technique to ensure your flowers are looked after with the utmost care, and to get the best result. Your flowers will be preserved naturally, for you to enjoy for years to come.

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